100 Happy Things: Steph

bubble wrap
1. the I serve a God who is merciful, full of grace and forgives  2. opening the Bible and reading God’s Word and having it be exactly what I needed to hear that day.  3. My husbands giggles  4. when my husband twerks  5. all of the colors of fall  6. the sparkle of the first snow   7. my puppies guilty faces  8. sparkly things  9. knowing that my family is crazy and awful but they are mine and that is a really great thing.  10. that I live in a free country where I can worship and cry out for my God and not be afraid  11. stars  12. 70 degree weather  13. over-sized sweatshirts  14. anything pumpkin flavored  15. coffee  16. looking at ocean fish while snorkeling in the ocean and getting too excited that you accidently snort up salt water.  17. swimming with dolphins  18. any animals really  19. friendship, I have amazing friends and life wouldn’t be so bright without them  20. being married to my best friend  21. how warm my husband always is  22. when Lola, Morrison and Josh all go a night without snoring  23. taking a million pictures of my life and looking back through them on a dark day  24. rainy days  25. being curled up in bed while it is storming  26. fire- fireplaces, fire pits, bonfires  27. well and smores for that matter  28. eating cookie dough… a lot of cookie dough  29. making a house feel like a home  30. the way that my friends and I do the most ridiculous things and we aren’t even embarrassed  31. the avengers  32. the way kids minds work  33. wearing black on fat days  34. the fact that my husband has fat days  35. Cheesy poofs  36. doughnuts  37. COFFEE for the love of COFFEE  38. the color purple  39. looking at my engagement ring under church lighting- don’t lie girls you all love it.  40. cooking and feeling proud of the end product  41. anything with cheese  42. Be Still and know that I am God  43. dancing in my underwear  44. wool socks  45. knitting  46. fireflies in fields  47. when I know my friends have found the “one”  48. my husbands smile  49. my husbands butt  50. sending mail to everyone I can think of so that their day is happier  51. candles… everywhere  52. soft and fluffy fresh out of the dryer comforters and blankets  53. new pillows  54. body pillows  55. ice cream  56. not parking in the garage  57. everything about Christmas  58. thanksgiving turkey coma  59. celebrating milestones in my friends lives  60. Being that person that God placed in someones life to help them through something.  61. singing 90’s boy band music  62. violins  63. carbs  64. remembering my Grandpa  65. getting to spend days with my nieces and nephew and making memories with them  66. Christmas trees  67. Christmas lights  68. Brooke X. makes me really happy with all her sweet notes  69. the way my friend Becky laughs so hard she turns red and shakes  70. my friend Becky’s cats  71. the way my friend Mary laughs at Labia  72. the fact that my friend Bridget is stronger than any man I know and she is the size of a toothpick… but also ripped.  73. the way my friend Kimberly and I can pick up right where we left off and always seem to know what to say to each other  74. looking at the pictures of my friend Alex photo-bombing our wedding photo booth,  75. looking at all our wedding day photobooth pictures  76. my friend Keiko’s smile- gosh she is the sweetest  77. chocolate milk  78. Janel’s and my ability to wear the same clothing without consulting each other.  79. Janel’s daughter Olivia’s words- she says the most awesome things  80. rescued pitubulls  81. when my mom tickles my back  82. when my dad pretends to speak Chinese  83. when my brothers aren’t too cool to hang with the family  84. family game night  85. my sisters crazy hair and crazy personality. She is beautiful  86. when the dogs first get a bath and they are fluffy and soft  87. any animal babies  88. when I found a lady bug down Janel’s wedding dress under her hose and in her buttcrack. It was hilarious. 89. that I have a family that isn’t necessarily made up of my actual family because I don’t have an extended family really and yet I don’t feel like I have missed out. I am so surrounded by love.  90. Classic Disney fairy tales  91. finding out that marriage isn’t all rainbows and butterflies but it is difficult and hilarious and ugly at times and that is really great to know we are both human beings who fart and are sick and say really dumb things but love the crap out of each other every day.  92. writing this list  93. being creative and crafty on days  94. bright colors  95. sunsets and sunrises  96. walks through parks  97. trying a new restaurant or place  98. dreaming about going to Greece  99. learning new things every day  100. knowing that someday I will be in the presence of the Almighty and He will welcome me into his Kingdom for eternity. Imagining what that will be like sends goosebumps all over.

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